Our Schoolwide Learning Expectations

A St. John’s student is a faith-filled Catholic who:

  • Participates actively and consciously in liturgical celebrations and the sacraments.

  • Makes use of a variety of prayer forms.

  • Demonstrates basic knowledge of the teachings of the Catholic Church.

  • Serves others as guided by the social teachings of the Catholic Church.

  • Uses effective strategies for moral decision-making.

    A St. John’s student is a lifelong learner who:

  • Demonstrates competency in subject matter as defined by state and diocesan standards.

  • Analyzes, and evaluates information to solve problems in an effective and creative manner.

  • Utilizes technology to gain knowledge through research and demonstrate understanding of content.

  • Writes articulate, compelling, imaginative compositions in a variety of genres.

  • Speaks to an audience with confidence and poise.

  • Listens attentively, asks questions and responds appropriately to teachers and peers.

  • Communicates using different forms of expression, including music, visual arts, performing arts,

    literature and technology.

  • Sets goals, uses organizational tools, and evaluates progress.

    A St. John’s student is a responsible citizen and self-respecting person who:

  • Demonstrates self-control, good sportsmanship, and a cooperative attitude.

  • Understands and respects basic civic rights and responsibilities.

  • Demonstrates an awareness of global events and social issues and their implications for social


  • Demonstrates understanding of appropriate digital citizenship

  • Responds to challenges with confidence and recognizes personal strengths.

  • Takes pride in their school, academic endeavors, and personal integrity.

    A St. John’s student is a healthy person who:

  • Makes healthy choices regarding nutrition, drug use, and personal hygiene.

  • Maintains a personal level of physical fitness. 

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